how to get the perfect fade haircut and mistakes to avoid

faded hair cuts are probably the most trending and popular haircuts, however, if you don’t get it, it’s going to mess up your whole hairstyle, that’s why here are the best tips for getting the best fade haircut and the mistakes that you need to avoid:

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Tips to get the best faded hairstyle:

  • Go for a tapered or half cut for a simple and elegant look.  Although it seems simple, don’t do it yourself. You will need the help of a professional hair stylist to get the best fade hairstyle.
  •  Let’s start with the scissor style if you don’t want to shave the sides.
  •  Complement the low-cut hairstyle with a neat beard.  If you have a prominent bump on your scalp, choose the faded haircut that suits you best.
  •  Bald haircuts work best with short hair at the top.
  •  Get a temporary haircut if you have curly hair.
  •  For thicker hair, you can use pomade or cream to hold it in place.
  • Use clay if you have fine hair for texture. Visit your barbershop regularly to maintain a stylish look.
  • For a simple yet luxurious look, opt for a tapered or medium cut.
  • It sounds simple, but don’t do it yourself. For the best haircut, you need the help of a professional hairdresser.
  • If you don’t want a shaved side, opt for a scissor cut.
  • Complement your low-fading haircut with a well-groomed beard. If you have noticeable bumps on your scalp, choose a haircut that suits you best.
  • A bald fade haircut looks best with short hair above it.
  • If you have curly hair, cut it with a temporary fade.
  • For thick hair, you can use a pomade or cream to make it look beautiful.
  • If you have  fine hair, use clay to create a textured look. To maintain a stylish look, visit your local barber regularly.

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 Fade haircut mistakes to avoid.

 With so many hairstyles in fashion today, deciding on a haircut can be a bit tricky. You can choose a certain type of haircut, but in the end you will feel bad.

 But what are some common haircut mistakes to avoid? Find out below.

1. The wrong hairstyle

 Fashion shows, music videos and movies give men different hairstyles that they think will make them look better. Admit it, there are hairstyles that look good on other men but won’t work for you. Don’t be hard on yourself, be honest. Consult a professional barber or hairstylist to help you choose the right fade hairstyle that suits your face shape and structure.

 2. over doing it

 Men love to invest in hair products to make them look good. Unfortunately, using too many styling products will do more harm than good. You don’t have to abuse it. Always choose a product that matches the thickness and style of your bleached hair.

 3. Overdoing the sides

Managing sideburns can be tricky. The ideal sideburn length depends on what will fit your style. Communicate with your barber to avoid confusion and to arrive at your desired hairstyle.

  4. Going to an inexperienced barber

 It can be hurtful and frustrating to walk out of the salon with a bad haircut. You don’t have to settle for less. Always look for reputable barbers and salons to get the hairstyle you want. Here at “barbershop in Dubai” our team has always been successful finding the right cut for our clients for the best look and style

 5. DIY hair colour

 Whether you’re tired of that aging effect on your hair or you’re looking for a fancy change, just colouring your fading hair won’t guarantee you’ll get good results. There is an exact way to colour your hair and it must be done with the help of a professional barber

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