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During these pandemic days, with new COVID variants making headlines, we are all trying to be extra careful and maintain safe distances from potentially contagious areas and spots, but there is one place that could be highly contagious, but that we still have to frequent, the barbershop, because social distancing is nearly impossible and the usual COVID mask has to be removed, so we will be discussing the things that you should consider in your next visit to your barbershop.

Is your barber taking the right safety measures?

As we know, the main point of contact at the barbershop is with your barber, that’s why you should make sure that your barber is wearing his mask at all times during your grooming process, and it would preferred if he is also wearing latex gloves while working to avoid cross-contamination.

The general Hygiene of the barbershop

Apart from your personal barber, it is also critical that the barbershop as a whole is properly and routinely sterilized; it is easy to see if barbers or employees maintain social distances and use hand sanitizers before attending to their clients.

Sanitization of equipment

Because razors, combs, and brushes may easily spread viruses and bacteria from one person to another, make sure your barber is thoroughly sterilizing his equipment with heat and alcohol.

Local Rules and regulations followed by the barbershop

One thing to consider is whether the barbershop strictly adheres to the norms and regulations established by the local government, such as social distancing signs, sanitizer dispensers, and a strict mask policy for the staff.


Most of us eventually go to our regular barbershop because they get it right every time and we feel more comfortable and welcomed there, which may cause us to be less attentive to the details we discussed. If our favorite barbershop is not taking the proper precautions, we could gently ask them to be more cautious to ensure the safety of both parties. Here at “barbershop in Dubai” we make sure that all of our employees follow proper safety procedures and that all of our equipment is thoroughly cleaned to ensure your safety.

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